Dr. Anita Blowers

Graduate Coordinator Gerontology Programs, Associate Professor of Criminal Justice
Colvard 5079


Ph.D., State University of New York at Albany

Areas of Interest:

Dr. Blowers teaches a wide array of undergraduate courses including: Elders and the Criminal Justice System, American Criminal Courts and Problem & Decisions in Criminal Justice. At the graduate level Dr. Blowers has taught courses such as: Criminal Justice Policy; Prosecution and Adjudication; Elders and the Criminal Justice System. 

Areas of research include elder abuse & neglect, older inmates, court processing/sentencing, intimate and family violence, Latinos and the criminal justice system, and general issues pertaining to criminal justice policy and legal analysis.  In addition to her scholarship in the field of criminal justice, Dr. Blowers conducts research on topics such as student retention and assessment of student learning.