Graduate Program

The Graduate Certificate Program in Gerontology is designed to provide supplementary graduate education in Gerontology.  The certificate is designed for those who seek supplemental education in aging, for those who already have a graduate degree in another field, or those completing a graduate degree in another field. It requires the completion of a foundational course as well as elective courses related to the study of aging.  Gerontology at UNC Charlotte is both interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary, integrating materials from various disciplines and requiring students to study aging from a variety of perspectives.

Our Graduate Certificate in Gerontology is available for anyone seeking further graduate education in the field of gerontology.  We are currently working with multiple graduate programs to create pathways between the Gerontology Graduate Certificate and Master's and Doctoral Degree options. 

Beginning Fall 2020 qualifying undergraduate students can apply for Early Entry  into the graduate certificate in Gerontology.