MECK60+ Study: Needs Assessment of Older Adults, 2017-2019

The unprecedented recent demographic changes including the Baby Boomer generation that begun to retire in 2011 (born 1946 to 1964) pose new challenges not only for individuals and their families but also for communities and society at large.  As Charlotte and Mecklenburg County experience rapid growth and influx of older adults it is of interest to local-governments, community-based organizations, the private sector and other community members to understand more accurately the health status and the array of programs needed to serve older adults in the community.

Goals of the Study

The Needs Assessment Study of older adults has three main goals:

1. To examine socio-demographic characteristics, health status and service use needs of Caucasians, African Americans and Latinos 60 and older in Charlotte and Mecklenburg County

2. To outline the profile of family caregivers and assess health status, support needs, psychological outcomes, and conditions under which they use community services

3. To disseminate study findings to stakeholders and community members, develop data-driven action steps, and advocate on behalf of older adults

Health Dimensions Assessed in the Study: 

   Section 1: Demographics

   Section 2: Health

   Section 4: Community Services

   Section 5: Family Caregiving

  Preliminary Results @ Public Forum Data Workbook, 9 18 2018

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